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WIP Naruto Cosplay by kiotana WIP Naruto Cosplay by kiotana
Okay, so I'm half covered in make-up that took about an hour to apply with my twitching eyelids and weak eyesight. So I was applying make-up with my glasses in the way or an inch from the mirror. :( And I find the make-up is a bit too pink. I'll have to test if I can mix a little green in to darken the eyeshadow.

Anyways, here's that colored version of my design. What you can't see is the mesh material to poof up the skirt. It will be black of course.
And when it comes to the back, I'm still uncertain without physically testing it. The obi tied in the back needs to be strong if I intend it to hold that long ribbon. I figure the scroll I will make in cardboard and cover in material. Hold with safety pins to the obi?

The parasol I got has a little paint on the canvas, but I think I can cover it with my own design. Maybe.

What do you think?
Yuki-Kiba-Chan Featured By Owner May 21, 2011
It looks awesomeeee, can picture it better with the colours now :XD: and the makeup looks pretty! aww kio, i so wish i could see this in real life when your done T_T sooo not fair! damn the ocean! Your gunna rawk girl! Please take a lot of photos, kay??????

Also, i like that you lightened yoru eyebrow. looks ace <3 *.*
MyStitches Featured By Owner May 20, 2011
:D It looks like it'll be amazing. And if green doesn't work, a brown should darken it without changing the color too much. (I think... mixing make-up is new to me. =P)
kiotana Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011  Professional General Artist
Brown made it a dull dark and I had no green to test, but this pinkish worked out just the same. And yes, it was amazing.
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